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Shotokan (松濤館流, Shōtōkan-ryū?) is a style of karate, developed from various martial arts by Gichin Funakoshi (1868–1957) and his son Gigo (Yoshitaka) Funakoshi (1906–1945).

Gichin was one of several Okinawan masters (including Kenwa Mabuni and Chōki Motobu) who brought karate to mainland Japan during the 1910s and 1920s, but Funakoshi is widely credited with having popularized karate through a series of public demonstrations, and by promoting the development of university karate clubs, including those at Keio, Waseda, Hitotsubashi (Shodai), Takushoku, Chuo, Gakushuin, and Hosei.

Funakoshi had many students at the university clubs and outside dojos, who continued to teach karate after his death in 1957. However, internal disagreements led to the creation of different organizations—including an initial split between the Japan Karate Association (headed by Masatoshi Nakayama) and the Shotokai (headed by Shigeru Egami), followed by many others—so that today there is no single "Shotokan school", although they all bear Funakoshi's influence.

Master Hidetaka Nishiyama 9th Dan

It is with great sadness that we (
SKM Shotokan Karate Magazine) have to report the passing of yet another Shotokan Legend. Master Hidetaka Nishiyama 9th Dan lost his battle with illness on November 7th 2008. We do not have time to feature a tribute to this great man in the next edition of SKM but of course in the following issue we will have a full feature tribute to one of Shotokan’s true pioneers. This is truly a great loss to the Shotokan World.
John Cheetham. Editor. SKM.

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